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I can’t get her off my mind sometimes.. There’s not a day yet I haven’t thought about everything & anything I could’ve done for you..
I can’t believe the one time I needed someone the most, I was rejected & ignored by the only person that could make me feel better.. I’m slowly realizing it just wasn’t suppose to be.
‘If something’s yours it’ll come back to you.’ My grandma use to tell me these time and time again… I’m stuck in this bad depression zone that I can’t get out of.. :(

" Peace begins with a smile.. "

- Mother Teresa (via kushandwizdom)

I miss her voice… 😪😪😔😔

On some crazy shit.. I almost broke down in front of customers and co workers.. Someone… Anyone.. Fucc

In this point of my life, I just need to stay focus and reach then achieve each goal one by one.

It’s depressing coming home.. After work.. After workouts.. No matter what I do.. When I step into the door, I just have an overwhelming feeling of sadness.. I’m breaking down again…

I’m slowly starting to realize how caught up in each other world’s that we forgot how to love our own lives.. At least for me it was.. 😕😒


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