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I feel like I’m getting so close to discovering the meaning of life.. And basically the meaning of life is to not search for a meaning at all.. But to create a meaning for itself. You are what you make out of life.

Loneliness isn’t as bad when you know you’ve been doing something productive throughout the day.. It’s finna be a long ass grind.

I mean I even call every other day just to see if you would ever answer, just to ask you how your day was.. Or something.

Is it still weird I think about her throughout the day.. & u know who you are..

We don’t have a exact definition behind FiftyDope yet but best believe we do it to put smiles on faces & keep spirits positive!! Welcome to the #fiftydope fam guys. 💪💛🏆

The worst feeling in the world is knowing youre physically alone …

Tell em ✋nahh.. #fiftydope is cash only. #chaching

" She’s a keeper, too bad you didn’t keep her. "

But I mean.. All I can do is roll up and pray I forget it all